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There was a break, of course, in the development of this application, which lasted over ten years. But now my “bad habit” of counting words has returned. For one thing is certain – it is something that keeps you busy.

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Some things take a while to build, and completing the project you are now looking at took me almost 20 years. It started as a research that I did back at my University days.

I was intrigued of rare, obscure, uncommon and problematic words that are sometimes found in the oldest Indian poetry. What can you really do with them, these sacred riddles? Well, I though, how about if we start gathering some statistics about hapax legomena. And so it went, on and on, counting words in Sanskrit texts. I got kind of accustomed to it.

After the University got rid of me I continued with that pursuit for a while in France, and my “quantitative Vedic studies”, let us say, they only caused smiles. For the exception of one person, Dr. Nina Alexeyeva, who generously shares with her numerous student her vast and unbelievable knowledge of Mathematical Statistics, nobody was interested in what I was doing. This is how my research became her research and so it still is.

What we have here

Free online Keyword Extractor and Text Analyzer

Anonymous ChatGPT detector


  1. Python and R scipts to mine collections of texts for keywords, based on a linguistically motivated statistical method. The scipts are called corpus_utils.

  2. Plotly Javascript viewer app to interactively view word properties that were mined with the help of corpus_utils. This JS viewer is called semascope.

Alexander Sotov

Text: Alexandre Sotov
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