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Anyone who reads ChatGPT texts often will quickly guess if an essay, an article or a web post is written by human - or generated by AI. In such case a teacher, a professor or a project manager may doubt the authenticity of the text they are looking at. They can even jump to conclusions about the integrity of the person who submitted such text. If caught, your reputation may be damaged. However, using GPT prompts for writing essays, blog posts, reports and marketing materials saves our time and lets us live our lives, and it is a good thing. So, here is what you can do.

ChatGPT detector app

You must put effort not to get caught, that is it. This trick will help you to hide that your text was created with substantial help from ChatGPT. Our new online ChatGPT detector is build for content creators and students, it is free and easy to use, no registration needed. Paste your text and run the test. The online app will highlight words and phrases that look too much like GPT lingo. Review these parts of text by removing of rephrasing the words that are marked with yellow color and try the test again until you get a โ€œLooks Humanโ€ result. This is a reasonable verification that the text is likely to pass as Human.

Try ChatGPT detector for students and writers.

ChatGPT is not bad in writing, and you know it. However, you must remove or rewrite the fluff that looks too AI-sh, and doing that is the best tactic to humanize and hide ChatGPT work - instead of relying on complicated prompt engineering hacks.

ChatGPT Detector by Textvisualization.App is radically different from any other similar tool found on the web because our app is build on empirical linguistic research. I analyzed a large collection of texts that were generated by ChatGPT to find patterns unnaturally frequent in ChatGPT replies. So, it is like having a ChatGPT cheat sheet or lexicon in front of you all the time, but without the need to look up for words that hint your reader that the text comes from AI. This way one can improve the quality of ChatGPT work without mastery of prompt engineering.

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