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Order analysis of your documents with nuanced clustering and word n-grams. Get your collection of documents, posts or articles tagged with meaningful keywords, in any language.

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Try our free online Keyword Extractor and Text Analyzer

Try our ChatGPT detector

Our new text mining and textual data viewing tools offer a linguistically insipred statistical approach to fast human understanding of vast collections of documents.

Here’s how you can behefit from ordering a review of your textual data and documentation archive:

  • Automatically extract meaningfull keywords from hundred thousands texts, and tag these texts with keywords

  • Get instant outlook of what is important in many documents, from articles to reviews and e-mails, from dozens and hundreds to hundred thousand files

  • Gather visual insights on keywords, main actors, locations, and events that are usually hidden behind millions of tokens

Uncover hidden knowldedge

  • Investigate and review thematic concepts and how they relate to each other in your collection

  • Explore hidden or not evident narrative trends and lexical features in your texts

Multilingual text visualization and mining

  • Analyze digitalized text collections in exotic, rare or less common languages (note: words must be space-separated)

  • Works with Chinese, Japanese and Korean word-separated texts

  • No need to create lists of stop-words or manually parse data, meaningful entities will be extracted automatically

Any format, real-time data

  • You can input documents in any format, including txt, doc, or pdf

  • We can do processing of text data in real time via full-text RSS feeds (they can be easily enabled in Wordpress, Joomla, Ghost, Drupal and other popular CMSs)

What you get?

  • You will receive full data, such as the dataset and text matrix, with results for words, word bigrams and trigrams

  • Your collection of documents tagged with meaningful keywords

  • Check out some examples of bigram analysis

  • High-quality word frequency matrix and datasets that you can reuse

We are here for you

  • Ideal for law firms and agencies, scholars, researchers, data scientists, or anybody dealing with news, marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), natural language processing (NLP), text corpora or collections of textual documents of any size

  • You can rely on us for pre-processing and preparation of your textual data to «research publication-ready» standards of data integrity

  • We are constantly improving our algos and adding new features to semascope 👁️

  • Security and confidentiality of handlying sensetive information is our top priority, no data is stored or shared by us without your explicit permission

  • Tag your website or document archive with high-quality keywords, in any language

We need your support

If you like our tools, we ask you for your support. In addition to our Services, we are always open for non-for-profit collaborations with scholars, students, universities, research centers, or industry influencers and bloggers: we process your data, you credit us in your publications.

Questions, ideas, suggestions? Contact us today to get a qoute.

Alexander Sotov

Text: Alexandre Sotov
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