Semascope: Tool for Text Mining and Analysis

In this Post offers text exploration tools, a ChatGPT detector, a semantic space viewer, and an automated keyword extractor for interactive text analysis based on statistical properties of words.

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Slide 1: Company Purpose

Semascope: Tool for Text Mining and Analysis under brand name Semascope offers text exploration tools, a ChatGPT detector, a semantic space viewer, and an automated keyword extractor for interactive text analysis based on statistical properties of words.

Slide 2: Problem

Problem: Current text analysis methods lack integration efficiency and depth, hindering organizations’ ability to extract valuable insights from textual data. Customer Pain: Organizations and content creators alike struggle to detect AI-generated content, extract meaningful keywords, and track media sentiment effectively. Content creators suffer from low quality of AI generated texts, internet users face prolifiration of AI-generated spam. Current Solutions: Existing tools are limited in their capabilities and fail to provide comprehensive, scalable or free of charge text analysis solutions.

Slide 3: Solution

Solution: Semascope uses text analysis by offering AI-powered tools for text mining and analysis. - Detect and humanize AI-generated content. - Extract and visualize keywords from news articles and texts. - Analyze media sentiment in real-time, implement sentiment search functionality - Access historical sentiment data and keyword centrality scores. - Uncover patterns, correlations, and sentiment trends associated with specific keywords or topics.

Slide 4: Why Now

Why Now: Recent advancements in AI and natural language processing technologies allow for more sophisticated text analysis solutions that are easy to integrate via APIs. The increasing volume of textual data necessitates a more efficient and robust approach to text mining and analysis.

Slide 5: Market Size

Market Size: Semascope aimes at businesses, NGOs, government institutions, journalists, and individuals interested in text analysis. - TAM: Large and growing market driven by the proliferation of textual data, digitalization tasks by publishers and textual content providers. - SAM: Targeting organizations and individuals actively engaged in text creation and analysis. - SOM: Capturing market share through superior features and functionality, as well as ease of integration.

Slide 6: Competition

Competition: While there are existing text analysis tools in the market, Semascope has very effecient and easy to implemenbt capabilities based on unsupervised learning. - Competitive Advantages: Comprehensive suite of text analysis tools, real-time sentiment tracking, historical data access, and user-friendly interface.

Slide 7: Product

Product Line-Up: - AI-Generated Content Detection - Keyword Extraction and Visualization - Sentiment Tracking - Media Keywords Tag Cloud Development Roadmap: Continual enhancement of AI algorithms, expansion of features, and API integration with other services.

Slide 8: Business Model

Revenue Model: Subscription-based model with tiered pricing based on usage and features. Pricing: Competitive pricing tailored to different customer segments. Average Account Size/Lifetime Value: Scalable revenue potential with recurring subscriptions. Sales & Distribution Model: Direct sales, online platform, and partnerships with complementary services.

Slide 9: Team

Founders & Management: Experienced team with expertise in AI, natural language processing, and software development.

Slide 10: Financials

Financial Overview: - Balance Sheet: Healthy financial position with controlled expenses.

Slide 11: Conclusion

Thank you for considering Semascope for your text mining and analysis needs. Our advanced AI-powered tools offer analysis of media sentiment, keyword trends, and AI content.

Slide 12: Contact Information

For inquiries and collaborations, please contact us at: - Email: - Website:

Slide 13: Questions

We welcome any questions you may have. Thanks.

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