HideGPT, ChatGPT Detector

Copy and paste the text you would like to check. You will see if it is written by human or by ChatGPT. Test now works only with English. When you see the results, watch out to rewrite highlighted parts, they look too much like ChatGPT!

HideGPT, free ChatGPT Detector and humanizer by Textvisualization.App, is radically different from any other similar tool because our app is build on actual linguistic research. I analyzed a large collection of texts that were generated by ChatGPT to find patterns unnaturally frequent in ChatGPT texts. Paste your text in this window and press Submit. You will instantly get results if the texts passes for human. You will see parts of texts that need to be edited to refine the text. It is like having a ChatGPT cheat sheet or lexicon in front of you all the time, but without the need to look up for words that hint your reader that the text comes from AI. This way one can improve the quality of ChatGPT work without mastery of prompt engineering. No data is collected. HideGPT is anonymous and private, just check the JS of this page to make sure that nothing of your input goes anywhere!

This tool is superior to GPTZero which claims to be the gold standard in AI detection, as HideGPT is specifically trained to detect ChatGPT.

The algo that we use here is robust and straightforward. Surely, try compare with other similar tools: very ofter you'd get false negative results, even when the other services rewrites the text for you, the text in question would still not pass for human-written.

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