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TextVisualization.app offers text exploration tools, a ChatGPT detector, a semantic space viewer, and an automated keyword extractor for interactive text analysis based on statistical properties of words.

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What is this site?

This is an online resource for Artificial Intelligence (AI), text mining, probabilistic analysis, and exploration of unstructured data. Here you will find interactive online tools for keyword extraction, stylometrics, and corpus analysis, as well as posts about quantitative linguistics and Natural language processing (NLP).

So far, we created a free online app to detect ChatGPT texts, an online interactive Keyword Extractor and Text Analyzer, and a News and Media Keyword Monitor.

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These products are created by Center Glas, Ljubljana, as a part of our effort in probabilistic data modeling and European artificial intelligence development.

What is ChatGPT detector?

ChatGPT detector is an online tool to check if the text is written by human or generated by OpenAI’s GTP technology. It is different from other similar tools because it relies on a constantly updated vocabulary of words and phrases that are found in ChatGPT texts. ChatGPT detector helps to rewrite machine content so that it looks human: it is like using an automated search for text fragments that look too unnatural.

Try free online ChatGPT detector

What is Keyword Extractor and Text Analyzer?

It is a sophisticated tool to automatically extract keywords and other important words from documents. It is an advanced probabilistic text mining program. Paste text, a book or a collection of documents in the app and instantly get keyword statistics for every words of it. Keyword extractor and text analyzer it is not limited to traditional statistics common in information retrieval and corpus linguistics. In addition to classical measures, entropy and TF-IDF, term frequency-inverse document frequency measure, we extract for you highly original measures that help to get deeper results and insights about content words. The tool is used by researchers, content creators, in SEO tasks and text mining. Detect and extract keywords online, for free, without registration, for any text, any language. Simply paste text inside prompt and instantly get a tag cloud.

Try free online Keyword Extractor and Text Analyzer, read Help instructions to find out about text mining methods.

What is Media Keywords Tag Cloud?

The Media Keywords Tag Cloud app is a tool to provide real-time insights into media and news trends. With cutting-edge artificial intelligence and unsupervised unstructured data mining, the app automatically extracts keywords and named entities from media sources and generates dynamic tag clouds. These tag clouds are continuously updated in real time, so that users get instant overview of the topics being discussed in the media landscape at any given moment.

Try Interactive News Trends Explorer

With this app, you can quickly identify main topics, trending keywords, and hidden patterns within media content. You can zoom in and out in content words in the tag cloud format, to get the most prominent and less noticed themes and subjects covered by hundreds of media outlets and news websites. This enables you to stay informed about current events and media narratives. You can download data for deeper analysis and understanding of the media landscape. You can also get an up-to-date list of keywords that hit the web due to news propagation.

Whether it’s tracking breaking news, monitoring public opinion, or conducting media analysis, the Media Keywords Tag Cloud empowers you to explore and interpret media content with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

What is semascope?

Semascope 👁️ is an open-source semantic space viewer, build to provide interactive text visualization based on statistical properties of words. These measures are extracted with the help of various statistical methods. Semascope allows users to gain fast human understanding of vast collections of documents and quick insights on bulk content. With semascope one can instantly see how words relate to each other on a 3d plot.

The graphic viewer is written with Plotly Javascript. It is available in plotly_semascope. This JS viewer uses datasets that are mined from texts using specialize Python and R scripts. The scripts are found in corpus_utils. We use them to automatically extract keywords from unstructured textual data.

You can also extract keywords online interactively with Keyword Extractor and Text Analyzer. Simply copy and paste the text that you want to analyze, save results as csv data file by pressing Download on the Keyword Extractor page, then go to the 3d plot viewer page and upload it to semascope.

Can TextVisualization.app handle texts in different languages?

Yes, TextVisualization.app supports the analysis of digitalized text collections in various languages, including exotic, rare, or less common languages. This is because the Negative Binomial Distribution method is language-agnostic and relies on universal properties of discourse. While it works with languages like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, it handles space-separated (segmented) words in these languages. Same is true for our Keyword Extractor and Text Analyzer.

As for ChatGPT detector, at present it works with English.

How can TextVisualization.app benefit scholars and researchers?

Keyword extractor and detector is ideal for scholars, researchers, data scientists, or anyone dealing with fields like news, marketing, SEO, NLP, and text corpora. Automated keyword extractor will work with any text and can be used in exegesis. It help to gathering text insights, investigating thematic concepts, exploring narrative trends, analyzing textual data, offering valuable support in academic and research.

Can I use your tools for real-time data processing?

TextVisualization.app is constantly evolving, with plans to add new features, including real-time data processing via full-text RSS feeds. Contact us for details.

How can I integrate TextVisualization.app with a Content Management Systems (CMS)?

Our tools are designed for flexibility. We can connect them with any CMS capable of generating full-text RSS feeds. We also plan to release APIs. Contact us for details.

How does TextVisualization.app ensure security and confidentiality of processed data?

TextVisualization.app prioritizes the security of processed data. If you order research, your reports and visualizations are accessible via password-protected interactive 3D plots, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential and accessible only to authorized users, while free online tool do not require registration and do not collect you data. You can use our online tools like ChatGPT Detector and automated keyword extractor completely anonymously. We do not collect your data.

Is TextVisualization.app based on academic research?

TextVisualization.app is based on a published research, for example here.

Please feel free to contact us for any specific questions or to get a personalized quote based on your requirements.

What about batch processing?

We can process tremendous amounts of text to analyze collections of many thousand documents. Contact us for details.

We need your support

If you like our tools, we ask you for support. In addition to our Services, we are always open for non-for-profit collaborations with scholars, students, universities, research centers, or industry influencers and bloggers: we process your data, you credit us in your publications.

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